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Welcome to TAKASAKI STUDIO, the film and video production based in Berlin.

We produce film, video and visual art in different genres.
Video features for TV-stations, press agencies or news pages, commercial video productions for internal and external communication and
visual-based productions such as music videos and EPKs for music labels.

TAKASAKI STUDIO is tightly working together with a big network of creators, cameramen and professionals, so depending on the challenges, Takasaki Studios is able to provide excellent services and quality paired with flexibility and creativity.

TAKASAKI STUDIO  is the visual and film studio founded by visual artist and journalist Kosei Takasaki.
Kosei started his professional way as a visual artist and vj in the late 90ties, mixing and producing visuals all over europe and in japan too.
The MELT-Festival, Sevillas Lux Festival, the c-sides Festival in Jerusalem, the WOMB-Club in Tokyo and other locations were the playground for the development of Takasaki visual style and experience.
After founding TAKASAKI STUDIO 2005 Takasaki started to also expand into journalism, working as an author, managing editor, cameraman, editor and creative director for clients such as germany’s biggest news agency DPA, the german news channel N24 and also production companies such as Riverside Entertainment, a branch of “Studio Hamburg”.
Commercial clients such as Lufthansa, Microsoft, McFit, KPMG, Sony, Telekom and others also trust on these skills.

“Never forget your roots” – Takasaki Studio is also producing and writing music videos for various artist and is still active in cooperating with other creative producers.


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